Cities: Skylines II Offers 30 Days Free on GeForce NOW!

Last updated on 30. October 2023

Who said gaming couldn’t reach the skies? Paradox Interactive, the developer behind the much-anticipated Cities: Skylines II, has just rolled out a superb offer. Collaborating with GeForce NOW, they’re about to change your cloud gaming experience.

A Sky-high Offer to Catch

The partnership between Paradox Interactive and GeForce NOW is breaking new ground in cloud gaming. Players now have the rare chance to dive into Cities: Skylines II via GeForce NOW’s Priority cloud gaming solution for 30 glorious free days.

But a heads-up: redeemable codes are limited and will only be valid until November 30th, 2023. Also, this sweet deal is open exclusively for game enthusiasts in the US and EMEA.

How to Get Your 30-Day Gaming Code

Ready to level up? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit Paradox Account:
    Start at If you’re a newbie, get yourself registered. If not, just log in.
  2. Steam Connection:
    Make sure your Paradox and Steam accounts are buddies. This checks that you’ve got Cities: Skylines II in your collection.
  3. Spot the Campaigns Tab:
    Look for the “Claim promo” button under “Cities Skylines II x GFN” and nab your unique code.
  4. Code Redemption:
    With your shiny new code in hand, head over to From there, either create a free NVIDIA account or log into an existing one. Follow the prompts to activate your promotion.

Embark on Your Cloud Gaming Adventure

With everything in place, it’s game time! Dive straight into your cloud gaming session with Cities: Skylines II. And if you want to know what cloud gaming services are out there, check out our Cities: Skylines II on cloud gaming page.

For more details on this fantastic offer, check the official source here.

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