It’s Official: Cloud Gaming Apps on iOS Coming Soon

Last updated on 30. January 2024

Apple allows cloud gaming apps on iOS

Apple’s recent announcement to allow game streaming apps like GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming on iPhones and iPads is a monumental shift in the cloud gaming landscape. This development offers a more integrated and user-friendly gaming experience for iOS users.

A New Era for iOS Gamers

Before this update, cloud gaming on iOS was primarily accessible through web browsers like Safari. Services like Boosteroid, GeForce Now, and Amazon Luna had to be used via Safari on iPhone and iPad. Shadow PC was the only cloud gaming service with a dedicated app, offering a full Windows PC experience.

You can find detailed information on accessing various services in our guide to cloud gaming on iPhone and iPad.

Global Reach and Simplified Access

Apple’s decision to allow streaming apps globally signifies a significant change, offering a seamless experience across all regions. This move simplifies the process for developers, who can now submit a single app to provide access to their entire game catalog.

What This Means for Gamers

With Apple’s new policy, iOS users will likely see more dedicated cloud gaming apps, enhancing the gaming experience. This includes easier access to popular titles like GTA 5, Hogwarts Legacy, or EA Sports FC 24, previously accessible through Safari-based cloud gaming services.

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The Future of Cloud Gaming on iOS

This update by Apple is not just about adding convenience; it’s about transforming how games are played on mobile devices. For the latest updates and tips on making the most out of this new era of cloud gaming on iOS, stay connected with cloudbase.

To delve deeper into this exciting development, check out the primary source on the Apple Developer News.

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