GeForce Now Adjusts Prices in Canada and Europe

Last updated on 15. October 2023

GeForce Now Adjusts Prices in Canada and Europe

It’s official: Nvidia’s popular cloud gaming service, GeForce Now, is set to undergo a significant price adjustment in select regions next month. If you’re in Canada or Europe, brace yourself for the news. Dive in to learn more and, most importantly, how this might affect you.

Why the Price Jump?

According to a recent post on Nvidia’s official website, the reason behind the price hike boils down to a rise in operational costs specifically in Canada and Europe. But there’s a silver lining for gamers. If you’re already a GeForce Now member or join the ranks before November 1, 2023, you’re in for a treat. Nvidia will honor the existing rates for a period of six months, giving you some cushion before any price transitions.

The new GeForce Now pricing

Starting November 1, take note of these freshly updated membership prices:

Priority 1-month$13.99£9.99€10.99129.00 kr129.00 kr89.00 kr299.00 Kč54.00 zł
Priority 6-month$69.99£49.99€54.99649.00 kr649.00 kr445.00 kr1,499.00 Kč269.00 zł
Ultimate 1-month$25.99£19.99€21.99259.00 kr259.00 kr179.00 kr599.00 Kč109.00 zł
Ultimate 6-month$139.99£99.99€109.001,294.00 kr1,294.00 kr890.00 kr2,990.00 Kč539.00 zł
Founders Ultimate 1-month$23.49£17.99€19.99234.00 kr234.00 kr165.00 kr539.00 Kč99.00 zł
Founders Ultimate 6-month$125.99£89.99€99.991,169.00 kr1,169.00 kr829.00 kr2,699.00 Kč499.00 zł
New GeForce Now subscription prices starting November 1, 2023

Note: “Founders Priority members continue to receive their “Founders for Life” price benefit.”

Membership gift cards: What’s the deal?

Wondering about gift cards? The pricing for GeForce Now membership gift cards will also shift from November 1. However, cards purchased before the change will retain their face value upon use.

Wrapping things up

The cloud gaming landscape is in constant flux, and such changes are part of its nature. While some might lean towards exploring GeForce Now alternatives given the new prices, GeForce Now’s dedication to keeping its community informed is commendable. Whatever your gaming choice, may it always be next-level!

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