GeForce NOW Day Passes: All Key Facts Explained

Last updated on 12. March 2024

GeForce Now Day Passes Explained

NVIDIA recently introduced Day Passes for its GeForce NOW cloud gaming service. This addition offers gamers a new way to access the service’s premium features on a short-term basis.

What Are GeForce Now Day Passes?

Day Passes are a new offering from NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW service, available now. These passes allow gamers to access all the features of Priority and Ultimate memberships for 24 hours.

This includes:

  • Graphic up to: 4K@120 FPS
  • Available Games: 1913 (GeForce Now Games List)
  • RTX ON: Access to RTX graphics for supported games.
  • Priority and Ultimate Benefits: Availability of benefits similar to Priority and Ultimate members.
  • DLSS 3.5 and Ray Tracing: Exclusive technologies for Ultimate Day Pass users, like DLSS 3.5 and ray tracing.

Pricing and Duration

The Day Passes are priced affordably, making them accessible to a wide range of gamers:

  • Ultimate Day Pass: $7.99
  • Priority Day Pass: $3.99

The 24-hour access begins from the moment of purchase, and gamers can purchase multiple passes to extend their experience.

Why Choose Day Passes?

Day Passes could be useful for gamers who:

  • Want to test premium features without a long-term commitment.
  • Need temporary access for a short gaming session or event.

However, it’s worth noting that for regular or prolonged use, longer-term memberships offer much better value.


The GeForce NOW Day Passes provide an additional option for those interested in cloud gaming. While offering flexibility, they may or may not be the most cost-effective choice depending on the user’s gaming habits and frequency.

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