New Cloud Gaming Releases For Week 29 In 2023

Last updated on 23. July 2023

In week 29 of 2023, a total of 17 different games have been added to 5 cloud gaming services. This week saw a variety of new releases from popular genres such as first-person shooters, puzzle games, simulation games, and more. Let’s dive into the highlights of the new games available on each service:

New Boosteroid games

This week, Boosteroid added a single new game to its library. Fans of first-person shooters can now experience the thrilling action of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus on the cloud gaming platform.

New GeForce Now games

GeForce Now had a significant update this week with a total of 5 new games added during the GeForce Now Thursday. Players can dive into the murder mystery of Murder by Numbers, embrace the chaos of firefighting in Embr, explore the intriguing world of Viewfinder, defend Earth against alien invasions in Xenonauts 2, and automate their factory in Techtonica.

New Amazon Luna games

This week, Amazon Luna added Orbital Bullet to its gaming lineup. This action-packed game offers fast-paced shooting action in a unique 360° circular pattern.

New Xbox Cloud games

Xbox Cloud expanded its game collection with 6 new titles this week. Players can enjoy the captivating photography puzzle game TOEM, build and manage a village on the back of a wandering creature in The Wandering Village, unravel the mysteries of The Cave, experience a mind-bending journey in the puzzle game Maquette, and work their own factory in the already mentioned Techtonica.

New Blacknut games

Blacknut treated its users to a total of 5 new games this week. Players can live their dream of running a pet clinic in My Universe – Pet Clinic Cats & Dogs, step into the shoes of a school teacher in My Universe – School Teacher, embrace the role of a doctor or a nurse in My Universe – Doctors & Nurses, unleash their interior design skills in My Universe – Interior Designer, and embark on environmentally friendly farming adventures in My Universe – Green Adventures – Farmer Friends.

Whether you’re a fan of action-packed shooters, challenging puzzles, or immersive simulations, this week’s new releases on cloud gaming services offer something for everyone. Grab your controllers and get ready to explore exciting worlds, solve intriguing mysteries, and unleash your creativity in these newly added games. Enjoy gaming!

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