New Cloud Gaming Releases For Week 41 In 2023

Last updated on 17. October 2023

In week 41 of 2023, our cloud gaming services have added a total of 20 new games, providing gamers with exciting options to explore. Let’s take a look at the highlights of the new releases across the services.

New Boosteroid games

Boosteroid has introduced a total of 7 new games this week. Among the highlights are EA Sports FC 24, the newest release in the recently renamed FIFA Football series. Also added were, a realistic driving simulation game that offers an immersive experience, and Far Cry 5, an action-packed first-person shooter set in an open-world environment. FAR CRY 6, the latest installment in the Far Cry series, is now also available and sends players on a thrilling adventure filled with intense action and stunning visuals. MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE, based on the popular anime and manga series My Hero Academia, allows players to engage in exciting battles with their favorite characters.

New GeForce Now games

GeForce Now has added a total of 11 new games this week during their GeForce Now Thursday. One of the notable releases is Rubber Bandits, a unique multiplayer experience where players control lively rubber band characters in a chaotic and fun-filled environment. From Space takes players on an intergalactic adventure where they explore planets, engage in space combat, and uncover the mysteries of the universe. Moonbreaker offers a turn-based strategy skirmish game. Lastly, Forza Motorsport, the newly released racing game, allows players to experience the excitement of high-speed racing and compete against other players online.

New Xbox Cloud games

Xbox Cloud has added 2 new games this week. Like GeForce Now, XBox Cloud also added From Space and Forza Motorsport.

New Blacknut games

Blacknut has introduced 5 new games this week. Model Builder allows players to unleash their creativity by constructing intricate models using a variety of materials. Kainga: Seeds of Civilization offers a strategic city-building experience where players shape the destiny of a civilization as they grow, trade, and interact with other players. War Tech Fighters is a mech combat game that lets players pilot powerful war machines and engage in intense battles. Lastly, Black & White Bushido provides a unique multiplayer experience with its stealth-focused gameplay set in a stylish black and white world.

With a variety of genres and titles, players will have a great time diving into these newly added games. Whether it’s racing, open-world adventures, or strategy games that interest you, there’s something for everyone in this week’s cloud gaming releases. Enjoy exploring these new additions and have fun gaming!

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