Samsung Gaming Hub Adds Boosteroid: New Era in Cloud Gaming

Last updated on 15. November 2023

Samsung Gaming Hub adds Boosteroid partnership announcement

Samsung Electronics has announced a major update to its Gaming Hub, joining forces with Boosteroid, one of the world’s largest independent cloud gaming services.This partnership expands the gaming universe for Samsung Smart TV owners, bringing a plethora of popular game titles directly to their screens.

A New Era of Gaming on Samsung Devices

The integration of Boosteroid with Samsung’s Gaming Hub marks a significant step in cloud gaming. Boosteroid joins an impressive lineup of gaming partners like Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Amazon Luna, and others.

This collaboration means Samsung Smart TV owners can now enjoy a wider range of games, including high-demand AAA titles.

Mike Lucero, Head of Gaming for Samsung Electronics America, emphasizes the importance of this partnership. “Game streaming is more popular than ever, and we aim to make it easier for players to access.” he said.

The addition of Boosteroid’s catalog to Samsung’s already robust library is a game-changer for gamers.

Seamless Gaming for Millions

One of the standout features of this update is its backward compatibility. Samsung Smart TVs from the 2020 model year onwards are now part of this gaming revolution. Users of these models can access thousands of games through individual apps from Samsung’s gaming partners, without the need for a console or PC.

This global rollout brings high-quality gaming to millions more worldwide.

Vlad Kosmin, Corporate Vice President for Boosteroid, shares the enthusiasm. “Samsung Gaming Hub is a dream platform for our players because it was built from the ground up for game streaming, removing barriers to entry with no downloads and no consoles or PC required.” he stated.

How to Access the Gaming Hub

Accessing this vast array of games is straightforward. Owners of compatible Samsung Smart TVs can download individual gaming apps directly on their TV through the Samsung App Store via the Media Hub. The rollout to 2020 model TVs has already begun in the United States and Canada and is now complete globally for these models.

For more details on the Samsung Gaming Hub and to explore the latest Samsung Gaming TVs, visit Samsung’s Gaming Hub page and Samsung’s gaming TVs page.

This move by Samsung and Boosteroid is not just an expansion of gaming options; it’s a leap towards a future where high-quality gaming is accessible to everyone, everywhere. With such partnerships, the cloud gaming landscape is set to evolve dramatically, offering gamers unprecedented access and convenience.

Further information can be found in the original announcement on Samsung’s newsroom: Samsung Gaming Hub Expands with Boosteroid.

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