Starfield added to GeForce Now

Last updated on 14. September 2023

In an exciting move, Bethesda’s Starfield has officially been added to Nvidia’s GeForce Now platform. This was made possible thanks to the strategic partnership between Nvidia and Microsoft, which formed during Microsofts acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Both Gamepass and Steam are available

As Bethesda is a subsidiary of Microsoft, Starfield has been available on the Xbox Game Pass from Day 1. For cloud gamers, this is exciting for two reasons: not only can we chose to play Starfield on Xbox Cloud, but Nvidia recently announced that they are adding Game Pass to GeForce Now.

This integration offers players an unprecedented level of choice and flexibility, as they can now decide whether to dive into the mesmerizing universe of Starfield via Steam or Xbox Game Pass PC while enjoying the high-quality streaming capabilities of GeForce Now. In other words, instead of buying Starfield on Steam, you can simply subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass to get access to Starfield on GeForce Now.

Starfield is now playable on four different cloud gaming services

The expansive universe of Starfield is now more accessible than ever, with players having the luxury to embark on their space odyssey from four distinct cloud gaming platforms: Xbox Cloud, GeForce Now, airgpu, and Shadow PC.

For those looking for cost-effective gateways into the cosmic wonders of Starfield, Xbox Cloud and GeForce Now present compelling options. Yet for the aficionados seeking an unparalleled degree of customization and immersion, airgpu and Shadow PC stand out, offering the unique capability to install mods.

A testament to the game’s soaring popularity and robust modding community, there are already close to 1800 Starfield modifications available on Nexus, awaiting those eager to enhance and personalize their intergalactic journey.

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