Does Cloud Gaming Use a Lot of Data? Let’s check it!

Last updated on 24. June 2024

Does cloud gaming use a lot of data?

Cloud gaming is becoming increasingly popular, offering the convenience of playing high-quality games without needing powerful hardware. However, one critical question for many users, especially those with limited data plans, is:

Does cloud gaming use a lot of data?

In short, yes. The amount depends on resolution and frame rate, ranging from 1 GB per hour for 720p@30fps to 20 GB per hour for 4K@60fps. It is similar to streaming a series or movie in comparable quality.

Understanding the data consumption of cloud gaming can help you manage your usage and avoid exceeding your data limits.

How much data does cloud gaming use?

Cloud gaming can use a substantial amount of data. Here’s how much data you can expect to use per hour at different settings:

Resolution and frame rateData usage per hour
720p @ 30 fps1-2 GB
1080p @ 30 fps4-5 GB
1080p @ 60 fps6-8 GB
4K @ 60 fps15-20 GB
Cloud gaming data usage at different graphic settings

How much data do you need for cloud gaming?

The amount of data you need depends on how much you play and the quality settings:

  • Casual gamers: If you play about an hour a day, expect to use 30 to 600 GB of data each month.
  • Avid gamers: If you play for several hours a day, your data use might range from 120 to 2400 GB per month, depending on the game and settings.

Does cloud gaming use a lot of bandwidth?

Yes, cloud gaming uses a lot of bandwidth, especially at higher quality settings. To play smoothly, you need a good internet connection:

  • Mobile devices: At least 10 Mbps.
  • Consoles, PCs, tablets: At least 20 Mbps.
  • WiFi or mobile data: A 5GHz connection is recommended.

Learn more about internet speed requirements for cloud gaming and how to optimize it.

Tips for managing data usage

Here are some tips to help manage your data use while cloud gaming:

  1. Lower the resolution and frame rate: Dropping from 1080p to 720p can save a lot of data and still look good on smaller screens.
  2. Monitor your data usage: Use apps or tools from your internet provider to keep track of your data use.
  3. Use WiFi whenever possible: Playing over a stable WiFi connection can help avoid high data charges on mobile networks.

Real-Life data usage

Many gamers report high data use while cloud gaming. For example, using Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) at 720p and 60 fps typically uses about 2.36 GB per hour, which is similar to streaming HD videos.


Cloud gaming can use a lot of data, especially at high resolutions and frame rates. If you have a limited data plan, it’s important to know how much data you’re using and take steps to manage it. Lowering your resolution, monitoring your data, and using WiFi can help you enjoy cloud gaming without using too much data.

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