Is PIRATE SHIP HIGEMARU playable on any cloud gaming services?

pirate ship higemaru on Cloud Gaming

Yes, PIRATE SHIP HIGEMARU is playable on Cloud Gaming. You can currently play it on 2 different cloud gaming services: Shadow and airgpu.

PIRATE SHIP HIGEMARU is available on:

ShadowAvailableGame available
airgpuAvailableGame available

PIRATE SHIP HIGEMARU is not available on:

HighscoreComing soonComing Soon
Boosteroid Unavailable Unavailable
GeForce Now Unavailable Unavailable
CloudDeck Unavailable Unavailable
Amazon Luna Unavailable Unavailable
Xbox Cloud Unavailable Unavailable
Playstation Now Unavailable Unavailable
Blacknut Unavailable Unavailable

Description: The player controls a Norwegian sailor by the name of Momotaro, who must use barrels to defeat the titular pirate crew. Momotaro has no attacks of his own. However, he has the ability to grab barrels, drums, large bags, and various other items which he can throw (either horizontally or vertically) across the screen. Any pirate who stands in the way of a barrel or other object will be hurled off the screen. Barrels that impact the walls of a stage or other barrels or objects will shatter and produce points, while other objects are invulnerable (but do not produce points). Each successive enemy that is hit by a barrel will yield additional points once the barrel is destroyed. In addition, there are also various items hidden beneath barrels in each level which will give Momotaro bonus points. Every floor of the ship has a set number of pirates to be destroyed, as well as a single “Bow”, a special pirate that regenerates each time it is defeated. Every fourth level in the game yields a bonus level in which the barrels are worth an increased number of points, and a group of enemies entirely made up of Bows (which do not regenerate in this case). With each successive floor, the speed and intelligence of the pirates increases. For every sixteen barrels Momotaro destroys, he will be rewarded with an item that grants invincibility for a limited amount of time, allowing him to defeat enemies by simply touching them. Momotaro’s enemies do not have attacks, but a single touch from an enemy will cause him to die and be revived, costing the player one of his/her extra lives; the game will be over when he or she has no more lives. The game has no ending, but following the sixteenth level, the enemy patterns will reset to level one. The layout of the barrels on the stages will continue to change, however, and the enemy count per level will not reset to level one counts. Following level 16, the game may Kill screen at the start of a level or after losing a life.

Release Date: 31.12.1984

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Frequently Asked Questions

For an overview of devices that support playing PIRATE SHIP HIGEMARU via cloud gaming, see the table below. It provides details about each device and the cloud gaming services they work with.

DeviceAvailableOn Services
BrowserYesairgpu, Shadow PC
DesktopYesairgpu, Shadow PC
TabletYesairgpu, Shadow PC
PhoneYesairgpu, Shadow PC
TVYesairgpu, Shadow PC
ConsoleYesairgpu, Shadow PC
Available devices for playing PIRATE SHIP HIGEMARU on cloud gaming

For an optimal cloud gaming experience, the requirements aren’t typically determined by the individual games like PIRATE SHIP HIGEMARU but rather the cloud gaming service and desired streaming quality.

Here’s a general breakdown:

  • Basic Gameplay: A minimum internet speed of 5 to 15 Mbps is usually required.
  • 4K Cloud Gaming: For the best 4K streaming experience, a bandwidth of at least 40 Mbps is recommended.

For an in-depth look at various providers and their requirements, check the “Info” link in our availability boxes above. For broader insights and tips on optimization, explore our guide on cloud gaming internet speed requirements.

No, PIRATE SHIP HIGEMARU is not offered for free on any cloud gaming service at this time.

To explore ways to play games for free on cloud platforms, do visit our free cloud gaming guide. And don’t forget to browse our free cloud games list for other free titles.

No, playing PIRATE SHIP HIGEMARU on Cloud Gaming with a controller is not supported at this time. Should this change, we’ll keep you informed here.

No, at the moment you can’t play PIRATE SHIP HIGEMARU multiplayer on cloud gaming. Should this change, we’ll keep you informed here.

No, PIRATE SHIP HIGEMARU is not currently available on Boosteroid.

No, PIRATE SHIP HIGEMARU is not currently available on GeForce Now.

Yes, PIRATE SHIP HIGEMARU is currently available on Shadow.

Yes, PIRATE SHIP HIGEMARU is currently available on airgpu.

No, PIRATE SHIP HIGEMARU is not currently available on Amazon Luna.

No, PIRATE SHIP HIGEMARU is not currently available on Blacknut.

No, PIRATE SHIP HIGEMARU is not currently available on Xbox Cloud.

No, PIRATE SHIP HIGEMARU is not currently available on Playstation Now.