New Cloud Gaming Releases For Week 43 In 2023

Last updated on 6. November 2023

In week 43 of 2023, our cloud gaming services saw a significant influx of new games, with a total of 27 titles being added across 4 tracked services. Let’s take a look at the highlights for each service.

New Boosteroid games

Boosteroid takes the spotlight this week with a total of 12 new games. Among the highlights are the post-apocalyptic survival game DayZ, the sandbox destruction game Teardown, and the immersive stealth adventures Dishonored and Dishonored 2. Fans of The Witcher series can also dive into GWENT: The Witcher Card Game for some strategic card battles.

New GeForce Now games

GeForce Now showcased its new additions during the GeForce Now Thursday, bringing a total of 12 new games. Standout titles also include Dishonored and its sequel Dishonored 2, the open-world survival game State of Decay 2, the city-building simulator Cities: Skylines II, and Ghostwire: Tokyo, offering players a supernatural journey through the streets of Tokyo.

New Xbox Cloud games

Xbox Cloud added 3 new games this week, offering a mix of thrilling experiences. Horror fans can enjoy the 2023 sci-fi horror remake of Dead Space, while those looking for a charming and whimsical adventure can dive into Mineko’s Night Market. Additionally, players can join the quirky Frog Detective on a mysterious journey in Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery.

New Blacknut games

Blacknut introduced 6 new games to its library, catering to a variety of gaming preferences. Fans of intense and challenging gameplay can try their hand at Furi and HYPERVIOLENT. Lovecraftian horror enthusiasts can delve into Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2, while Arkanoid – Eternal Battle offers a modern twist on the classic arcade brick breaker genre. Lastly, Saint Kotar offers a captivating narrative-driven experience that blends psychological horror and point-and-click gameplay.

With a diverse range of genres and exciting new releases, players can look forward to exploring the newly added games on cloud gaming services this week. Whether it’s survival in DayZ, stealth in Dishonored, or unraveling mysteries in Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery, there’s something for every gaming enthusiast.

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