Samsung and Blacknut Launch Free Gaming Experience on Smart TVs

Last updated on 10. November 2023

Samsung and Blacknut Launch Free Cloud Gaming on Smart TVs

In an exciting development for gaming enthusiasts, Blacknut Cloud Gaming, in partnership with Samsung, has launched a groundbreaking free cloud gaming experience.

As of November 9, 2023, U.S. players on the Samsung Gaming Hub can now access a premium selection of free cloud games directly on their SmartTVs. This offering is remarkable as it requires no subscription or account, a first of its kind for SmartTV users.

Seamless Gaming with High-End Cloud Support

Blacknut’s innovative approach, supported by cloud giants Tencent Cloud and Radian Arc, ensures a seamless gaming experience.

This collaboration has enabled the deployment of a unique hybrid public-private infrastructure, making high-quality cloud gaming accessible at a global scale.

Exciting Gaming Lineup and Future Plans

The pilot kicks off with an impressive array of 11 selected cloud games, available for unlimited playtime until January 31, 2024. Following this, a second season will introduce new games with a 30-minute play limit, encouraging players to subscribe for continued access.

The games included in the “Free Game Pilot” are:

  1. Overcooked! 2
  2. Asphalt 9: Legends
  3. For The King
  4. Arise: A Simple Story
  5. Golazo! Soccer League
  6. Despicable Me: Minion Rush
  7. I Am Fish
  8. WRC 9: The Official Game
  9. Cat Quest
  10. Moving Out
  11. Pile Up! Box by Box

Blacknut’s CEO Olivier Avaro and Radian Arc’s CEO David Cook have expressed their excitement about this initiative, emphasizing its role in making premium gaming more accessible.

Read more about Blacknut’s vision and partnership details here: Blacknut Press Release.

Samsung’s Commitment to Expanding Gaming Horizons

Samsung’s initiative complements Blacknut’s efforts. Mike Lucero, Head of Product Management for Gaming at Samsung, highlights the company’s dedication to expanding gaming choices and streamlining the gaming experience.

This pilot project with Blacknut on the Samsung Gaming Hub exemplifies Samsung’s focus on enhancing the ease of game discovery and play.

Discover more about Samsung’s gaming vision and the “Free Game Pilot” here: Samsung Newsroom.

Conclusion: A Future-Focused Gaming Alliance

The partnership between Blacknut and Samsung marks a significant milestone in cloud gaming, bringing premium gaming experiences to a broader audience.

This initiative not only breaks down traditional hardware barriers but also sets a new standard in the gaming world.

With such innovations, the future of cloud gaming looks brighter and more accessible than ever.

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