Shadow PC Free – Is it Possible or Should You Have to Pay?

Last updated on 25. January 2024

Shadow PC Free

Welcome to the exciting world of cloud gaming! Today, we’re exploring a hot topic in the gaming community: the availability and pricing of Shadow PC, a popular cloud gaming service.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the scene, this guide will clarify if you can play Shadow PC for free and other cost-effective ways to enjoy this service.

Can you play Shadow PC for free?

Currently, Shadow PC does not offer a free gaming option. The service provides two main paid plans tailored for gaming: the Boost and Power plans.

However, once you have an active subscription, there are some games available at no additional cost. Check out our free Shadow PC games list for more details.

Is a Shadow PC trial available?

Looking to test the waters first? Unfortunately, Shadow PC does not offer a trial version.

But, you can subscribe for just one month and cancel anytime if it’s not for you. This option lets you experience the service without a long-term commitment.

How can you get Shadow PC cheaper?

Want to save on your gaming expenses? Use the promo code WELCOMESHADOW to get a discount on your first month.

This offer is available in all supported countries for the Boost plan, reducing the price from 29,99 € to 19,99 € per month. In Eurozone countries and Canada, the Power plan is also discounted for the first month, from 49,98 € to 34,99 €.

Unfortunately, there are no other known ways to get Shadow PC at a lower cost. If you discover any, feel free to share with us!


In summary, while completely free cloud gaming is not a reality yet, Shadow PC offers some enticing options.

Our suggestion? Give Shadow PC a try, or consider the more affordable alternative, Boosteroid, available for under 10€.

Stay informed and make the best gaming choices with cloudbase, your go-to resource for cloud gaming updates and tips.

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