Xbox Cloud Gaming Now For Free With Ads?

Last updated on 21. December 2023

Xbox Cloud Gaming Now For Free With Ads?

Xbox Cloud Gaming, formerly known as xCloud, is considering a groundbreaking approach. Xbox gaming CFO Tim Stuart suggests a new model where users could access free game streaming by watching advertisements. This mirrors strategies in the mobile gaming sector and could redefine cloud gaming services.

Integrating Ads into Xbox Cloud Gaming

During the recent Wells Fargo TMT Summit, Stuart discussed the possibility of incorporating ads into the Xbox Cloud Gaming experience. The idea is simple yet innovative: viewers watch a brief advertisement and, in return, gain access to several hours of gaming.

This approach could democratize cloud gaming, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

Expanding to New Markets

One of the key aspects of this proposed model is its potential to reach new markets. Stuart highlighted regions like Africa, India, and Southeast Asia, where traditional console gaming is less prevalent.

In these areas, a model offering free cloud gaming in exchange for ad viewership could be particularly appealing. With a young, growing population and widespread mobile device usage, these regions represent a vast, untapped market for Xbox Cloud Gaming.

User Experience vs. Advertisement

While this model opens new doors, it also poses questions about the balance between user experience and advertisement frequency. Ensuring that ads do not become intrusive will be crucial for maintaining a positive gaming experience.

Ad-Supported Tier for Xbox Game Pass

Experts speculate that this ad-based model could lead to a cheaper, ad-supported subscription tier for Xbox Game Pass. This would provide more options for gamers, catering to different preferences and financial situations.

Stay tuned to cloudbase for more updates on this evolving story, and join the conversation on how ads might shape the future of cloud gaming.

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